Joe Robinson has to be the most incredible musician I’ve ever experienced. I’ve had the honor to experience all my favorite bands live over the years. But, Joe Robinson is perhaps one of the most unbelievable talents I’ve ever experienced, a must see for anyone that appreciates the best music can offer. Attending a Joe Robinson show is sure to put him in your list of all time favorite artists.

I first encountered Joe in Nashville at 12th & Porter as he was performing an unbelievable showcase. I was instantly addicted. I later drove over 3 hours to seen him perform at an Atlanta Braves opening game both with a band and solo. They rolled a stage into center field for him to perform which was totally awesome! I also went to see Joe Robinson perform at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta. Every show was unique, powerful, and nothing short of incredible. I look forward to seeing his shows as often as possible for the rest of my life, seriously!

Seeing Joe Robinson live is something everyone should include in their musical bucket list. But, it doesn’t end there. This kid already has several complete albums that are all an absolute necessity to your music collection. My son, William, experienced Joe Robinson live at the age of eight years old and immediately Joe was one of his biggest musical inspirations. Joe’s music is totally appropriate for any age, which is hard to find these days. Stylistically Joe’s music has developed on the premise of amazing acoustic works featuring his complex fingerstyling techniques. As a child he produced at least 2 full albums like this. Joe’s music has evolved to more elaborate, electric, full band productions that now incorporate Joe’s vocal skills as well. So, every album is a new experience making it hard to settle on any one of them.

Be sure to join Joe’s social network as he’s always producing fresh material and may be coming to a town near you! Visit his show and bring friends, they’ll be extremely grateful you did!

The videos we have currently for you to check out are just barely the tip of the iceberg. We’ve videographed several complete shows and even an interview. But, only time will tell if we will be able to release them…